This week we’re doing something a little different for #GetFastFriday. To celebrate the start of the Tour De France we want you to go out this weekend and smash at least 4 of your local Strava segments.

Get out and have fun. Ride like a PRO. Then settle in for le Grand Depart and watch the pros in action.

Who knows, you might even see one of our PRO’s in the mix?

The Session

For this workout You can ride however you like, but you need to give it one hundred percent on every segment. It doesn’t matter how long the segment is. Give it absolutely bloody everything! If you can try to mix it up a little. Attack a few hills, get a leadout from your mate for that sprint segment you’ve had your eye on, or settle in for some suffering on a longer loop. Just ride like a loon and smash, smash, smash! This weekend is all about having fun.

Segment Ninja

If you want to try and take some King of the Mountains this weekend, a new app was launched this week called Segment Ninja. The app will find your location and then show you the best Strava segments to ride based on the weather conditions. If you find the segments you want to try and ride during this weekends session, you can even use Segment Ninja to plan your route. Simply add those segments to your route planner, hit Generate Route, and then download the file onto your Garmin device!
We encourage everyone to share their rides on our Facebook page afterwards. We want to see PRO. take over Strava this weekend!