Our weekly challenge is back. The aim this time is to complete five rounds of dynamic movements as fast as possible using good form. If you’re up for the challenge have a go, time how long it takes and post your result using ‪#‎proconditioning‬. We only want your time for the main set. Not the warm up and cool down.


5×5 body weight squats with 15 seconds stretching in-between. Now jog on the spot for 30 seconds stretch for 15 seconds and finish off with a final 30 second on the spot jog.

Once fully warmed up perform FIVE ROUNDS of the following circuit as fast as you can.

Round 1

25 body weights squats
25 body weight sit-ups
25 mountain climbers
10 burpes with no jump

Once complete walk for 2 minute and perform some light stretches to ease off the muscles. Good luck and don’t forget to post your time using #proconditioning