The beauty of the VO2 max Time Trial session is that it doesn’t just improve your Time Trial ability. This workout is also going to help you make the race winning move, or stay away in the closing kms.

Download the workout file for your Garmin and give this session a go over the weekend!

Warm up

Warm up for 30 minutes gradually raising your pace from zone 1 to the bottom of zone 4. It is very important to use this stepped approach when warming up to limit any injuries gradually prepare the body for the session ahead. Once fully warmed up perform 3×1 minute high cadence efforts with 1 minute recovery in-between. These efforts finish off the warming up process and you are now ready to tackle the session. Prior to starting the first effort spin easy for 2 minutes. Take a sip of your drink and focus your mind on being smooth, powerful and fast.

Main session

For the main workout you are going to perform 6×6 minute efforts on your drops and in a aero, race position. Ride easy for 6 minutes in-between efforts at a steady pace focusing on full recovery. Each 6 minute efforts is going to be broken up the following way.
1 minute 120% of current FTP or FTHR 4 minutes 110% of current FTP or FTHR 1 minute 120% of current FTP or FTHR
This simulates a hard effort needed to break away and improves your ability to power on at a high pace, the 1 minute at the end of the session really finishes you off where you will be ready for your rest. Note – It is very important to stick to the prescribed outputs and you are looking for consistency on each 6 minute effort. Even on the last effort stick to the ranges as going to deep will affect your training for the week. Once complete spin easy for 5 minute’s before performing a 20 minute effort at 80-90% of FTP FTHR vo2-time-trial
*FTP – Functional threshold power. **FTHR – Functional threshold heart rate.