Your warm-up is vital for a strong performance during a race or training. Here’s a look at one way Alberto Contador has warmed up before tackling a stage of this years Tour De France.

We thought this was a great little routine that doesn’t take up too much time, but will have you firing on all cylinders by the end. So we created an easy way for you to tailor it to your own power zones!

The warmup is also available as a Garmin Workout file. Just download it and drop it into the ‘/workouts’ folder in your Garmin!

Warm Up
Time (mins) Watts
5 min easy spin less than  
8min build from z2 – FTP
1 min Low Z2  
1 min Mid Z2  
1 min High Z2  
1 min Low Z3  
1 min Mid Z3  
1 min High Z3  
1 min Mid Z4  
1 min FTP  
2 min easy spin less than  
6 min @ FTP
6 min @ FTP  
2 min easy spin less than  
3 min activate
5 secs above  
55 easy spin  
5 secs above  
55 sec easy spin  
5 secs above  
4 min easy spin less than  

Please note: If you put 420w into the calculator the watts will not perfectly match Contador as the warmup taped to his bare is specific to his abilities. And he’s an absolutely MACHINE.

Our calculator runs on the training zones recommended by British Cycling.